How to get kicked out of AirBnB within 24 hours! – vancouver real estate

How to get kicked out of AirBnB within 24 hours!

The Mission

Re-locate short-term Hosts to become long-term residential landlords. This is done by showcasing one of Vancouver's smartest designs for a 2br condo that can create 2 revenue streams! The anticipated result will then open up more long-term rentals in a suffocating marketplace where renters are competing and rental rates have skyrocketed.

The Rule Breaker

Its taking a guerrilla marketing approach, hustle, and determination to get exposure for legal options for investors to earn the short-term revenue they are experiencing on AirBnB. In order to reach the hosts, an account must be made, and individual messages are sent to Hosts. This strategy will be in clear violation of User terms of advertising on their platform, especially with a message & option that will take their business away from the platform.

The Message

Some of these phrases will be included. 
- Are you Enemy #1 in your building? 
- Does 2 revenue streams sound better than 1?
- Free up $200k in equity
Stop being part of the problem and part of the solution and continue to win financially.

Revenue models show the difference between monthly furnished and unfurnished units are used to showcase the reality of this as financially viable option.

Other Avenues to Spread the Word

I have considered FB Groups for AirBnB hosts, Vancouver long-term rental advocates. 

Join the Movement!

The more hosts we reach, the more we can convert. Share this blog and let people/Hosts know. If you have a 2BR condo with a lock-off suite and looking for a Buyer let us know. 


Here it is! The 2BR lock-off suite option in East Vancouver.