Who is this Guy? – vancouver real estate

Who is this Guy?

I bring an energetic mojo to the arena of selling Real Estate.

As a marketing consultant, I have enhanced every traditional marketing tool in our industry & have introduced a few new ones.

When working with Listing clients, WE are selling the home and its this team environment that engages all involved.

Working with Buyers, preparation combined with my experience will introduce them to the road ahead lessening all areas of stress and any surprises that can occur.


Life is a Beauty! You get out of life what you put in. There is a lot to be said about a firm handshake. You don't have to swing harder to hit the ball further.

University of New Orleans
Mardi Gras is an event that I have returned to New Orleans to also to ride in a parade route with the Krewe of Thoth.

I worked as a marketing consultant throughout university
Often double dipping contract work with school work - getting graded & paid for my work. I worked with Labatts brands and campaigns.

I started my career with Royal LePage April 26, 2008
I have won Master Sales and Presidents Gold awards each year.

I have expanded my market to serving Investors and Sellers in Greater Vancouver.

I am in Investment Realtor that hosts introductory investment seminars and have investment options throughout the lower mainland, interior and northern BC.

I am very excited that EVERYONE IN MY LIFE is energized, excited for what each day brings them, and successful in whatever field they are playing in.

My arms are always open to more people with a colourful perspective, ideas & drive.

It's naught only hard work that will yield the results you envision.
It's smart work & creating a network of like-minded, like-business minded, and 'give before you receive' theology that WE ALL can achieve!

If/When there is time for a round of golf or an hr or two to hit balls at the driving range - I'm In!