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As an Investment Realtor, being the best in my role goes beyond the transaction. Considering monthly revenues, NOI, tenant turnover and overall operation of an asset is key for my clients. Chances are these areas are not maximized at acquisition, the plan is to align these areas and blossom that multiplier effect that any seasoned real estate investor understands. 

Rent PERKS is the captain to lead that transformation.

This is by far and away the most tech savvy, real-time data ready solution for all residential real estate assets.

The appeal to real estate investing to many investors is the passive nature of the portfolio management and its simplicity. People move-in, people move-out. Sometimes things break, and we call someone in to repair.


- re-tenanting. How about templated ads ready for internet distribution of each building, each unit. Tracking marketing data for each ad, automated response to each inquiry, building confidence in your future tenant in the 1st few touchpoints.

- who has rented from me in the past? maybe that trusted tenant would be interested in this new property acquisition and renovated units about to be offered to the public? Saving on-boarding processing and advertising. How about a fully active and engaged database of ALL tenants within your portfolio, past and present. 

- how about a rewards program with 1,000's of retailers and services that keep tenants engaged and motivated to be more co-operative than ever. 

- there is another asset I want to purchase, my lender needs reports. Sure my accountant may have reports ready? How about real time reporting on capacity/vacancy, bi-weekly payouts, and expense reports.

- why is that repair person taking an entire trip to simply look at the problem, then have to return to fix it. What if that repair person is not available? 

- individual property managers for EACH property? Just because they are loyal, long-term tenants willing to take on responsibility, how qualified are these people to manage your multi-million $$ asset and its operations?

- rent is late. How about automating reminders via text and email. How about automating serving-of-notice documents to motivate immediate payment.


From top to bottom, Rent PERKS has thought of your pain points as a Landlord. They have created their own software that functions as the saying goes... swiss army knife... for property management. Automating real-time revenue in-take, expense and repair processing while preserving maintenance log for warranty follow-ups.

I highly recommend a conversation with Rent PERKS and see how far technology combined with industry insight has taken this company positioned to the best in class.  

I recommend Rent PERKS to ALL of my investors knowing that their bottom line profitability is getting the MOST attention that any asset can!


                                                             - Shaun T. Carson, Investment Realtor



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