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Welcome to Vancouver!

VFX artist makes Vancouver's city life look like stop motion miniatures in spectacular video. 'Vantage' gives an uncommon perspective of Vancouver. The short film is the passion project of Jack Dunn, who wanted to make something about the city he lived in for more than three years before he moved away. "I moved to Vancouver for a year or so and I just absolutely loved the city to bits so I stayed for a few years more," he tells V.I.A. from his new home in Øyer, Norway. Originally from London, Dunn moved from Germany to Vancouver to join the local film industry as a VFX artist. Those skills came in useful for his farewell project to the city. 'Vantage' required a few techniques to give the viewer the experience of a giant looking down on the world, while Vancouver looks like claymation, come to life or the world's most realistic stop motion film.