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200-Unit Condo Development - City Center, Abbotsford. BC - Limited Partner(LP) Investment

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There is a great opportunity to engage into a new development, at the developer level. A local developer Trellis Properties is seeking Limited Partners (LP) as shareholders for a 200-unit development in Abbotsford.

Some Key Highlights:

  1. 200 units, 2 phases
  2. 2 families entrenched in building industry since 1980’s. transitioned from roofing and cabinet companies to completing over 200 residential home with 400 homes in progress.
  3. This is a LP opportunity. LP allows for separation and arms length financial responsibility. Investors are only responsible for the investment funds contributed
  4. Why Abbotsford? One of fastest growing cities in BC and Lower Mainland. High % of population are working locally, strong local economy in many sectors including heavy and light industrial, agriculture to name a few. Located close to airport, UFV campus, local transit routes, shopping centers & big box stores (within 1-2kms). Minimal city permitting red tape to development reducing times & costs. Supportive local government for developments.
  5. Construction costs savings doing business in this market for 30+
  6. No commercial component > more sq sold for residential units > more profit for investors
  7. If property is not moving forward 6% ROI and principle investment is returned to Investors
  8. Goal of 25% principle investment to be returned to Investors after Phase I
  9. Proactive and affordable pricing plan lead to quicker market absorption.
  10. 141k population in Abbotsford. 1.4% population increase annually (1,974ppl). Only 2525 dwellings were constructed from 2011-2016. Under supplied region. 
  11. Profits are paid out to LP before General Partners profit shares are paid out.
  12. Developer is offering a 12.5% annual ROI. Expected time for full completion is 4 years.

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